Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Milford Sound

What a spectacular coast to make landfall on. High snow capped mountains appearing out of the dawn sky and getting larger as you close the coast. A tough motor-sail into SW 30/40 for the last 14 hours. A lot of water across the deck, in the cockpit and us. A few hundred yards inside the entrance saw flat calm. The back drop of the mountains, sow capped against the high sides of the fiord was again magnificent as we motored up the fiord. We stopped to admire the few and collect ourselves as we progressed
to Deep water basin.
The next day was spent drying out the boat, and fixing a few bits that had worked during the voyage south. Rule 1 don't do over 700 miles to windward down the west coast into the roaring forties as a shakedown sail. We are still drying out the boat now after 5 days!
We are currently anchored in Harrison cove. The backdrop of the Pembroke Glacier is stunning. As we read in the cockpit yesterday we could watch and hear the avalanches taking place on the Mountain.
We have been lucky enough to see some Fiordland crested penguins,seals, dolphins black coral and sandflies. A great dive today if not cool.
Off to enjoy the evening and enjoy a bottle of Pinot Gris , Owhanake Bay Estate. What more could we want in life.


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