Thursday, August 23, 2018

Paterson Inlet

We moved north to Paterson Inlet where the main settlement is so that we could have phone coverage for two weeks. Jim was on call and Tori also did some editing work to earn a bit of pocket  money. We have had amazing weather considering it is winter, but are now waiting for the right weather window to move on. We have explored quite a bit of the area as well as having a trip across Foveaux Strait to Bluff. We enjoyed anchoring at Port William, on the Rakiura Track, our hideaway tucked in Kidney Fern and we are now anchored off Ulva Island, which is a bird reserve. We went for a walk ashore today and saw a few birds, but we have actually seen a lot more in other places. A kaka followed us in town as we took the recycling ashore and we could see his friend trying to get into a rubbish bag by the side of the road. We also went for an overnight tramp across to the Mason Bay Hut and went kiwi spotting in the evening (we saw two). We also saw lots of kakariki on the way across and lots of Stewart Island robins on the way back. We spent quite a bit of time anchored in Golden Bay as this gave us good access to the town and we took part in the local pub quiz (with a respectable third and a not so respectable last).

Sunday, August 12, 2018

photos from Stewart Island

Sunrise Patterson Inlet

Jim enjoying a walk at Port Pegasus

Snug anchorage at Evening Cove, Port Pegasus

Morning frost and ice Port Pegasus

morning start to Magog, Port Pegasus

Whalers base remains at Paterson Inlet

peaceful anchorage at Kidney Fern, Patterson Inlet

Nearly at Magog, Port Pegasus

A stunning day and view from atop Magog, Port Pegasus

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Port Pegasus

We were busy sorting out the yacht on our first day in Pegasus when we heard a whale spouting nearby. At first we didn't believe what we were hearing but then a Southern right whale surfaced near the boat and swam past only a few metres away allowing us a good look. In the North Arm we went for a few explores in the kayak and ashore, and I went for a run up the Tin Range in fairly miserable weather. Our kayak explorations often involved being accompanied by a couple of juvenile sea lions, one even scratched his whiskers on my paddle. We moved to the South Arm for more walks ashore, including a walk up Magog. This time we picked the perfect blue-skies day, in complete contrast to the last time that involved pouring rain and flooded streams. After a couple of weeks in Pegasus it was time to move north so that Jim could have phone coverage for work.


We left Lyttelton very early one morning with ice on the deck and motored out of the inner harbour for the first time since arriving from the Marlborough Sounds after our passage back from the islands. We motor sailed in light winds accompanied by Hector's dolphins to Akaroa. The late afternoon was sunny and we spent it celebrating being back cruising. The forecast allowed for a lie in as we wanted to wait for a southerly to blow through before continuing on our way south. We mostly motor-sailed to Port Pegasus in Stewart Island, sailing the last bit as the wind increased (and increased until we were down to the third reef and a scrap of stays'l). The radar was useful as we entered Port Pegasus late in the evening and dropped anchor for the first time in years.

Monday, July 30, 2018


Unfortunately we haven't been able to update the blog as promised because of problems with our radio. We are currently in Paterson Inlet in the north of Stewart Island and we will post some updates and maybe some photos over the next couple of weeks.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Grand Canyon

Some photos from our kayaking and rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. Eight people, sixteen days, three rafts, four kayaks, big water, spectacular scenery, lots of fun...

Scouting from the top - it doesn't look so bad!

the team at the start

Lunch on the rafts

Now which side of Bedrock were we supposed to go....

Jim rafting

Tori at Lava

Monday, July 03, 2017


Tori recently spent  five weeks n Nepal on a kayaking trip that turned into a kayaking and tramping trip. Here are some photos.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Winter Tramping

Ada Pass Hut (St James)
Frozen Stream
The snow defeated us on the St James

Beautiful weather in Nelson Lakes (looking down on Rotorua)
Jim is under there somewhere!

Coldwater Hut Jetty (Lake Rotoiti)

Jim says I never put good photos of him kayaking in the blog (Hawarden gap on the Hurunui)!