Sunday, August 31, 2008

Refit Part Two: Painted decks and glassed keel

Just a quick update for those who are interested! We have finished painting the decks and are busy replacing all the fittings. This will probably take us the rest of the week and we will move back on board this weekend as once all the fittings into the living spaces are in we can clean up inside those areas. The guys in the yard have glassed in the majority of the keel (we will need to move the yacht to get the last little bits). This was done instead of removing the keel bolts as we were quoted $16,000 just to remove the bolts, which involved ripping half the boat apart and possibly cutting holes in the side! We had a slight hiccup painting the decks as we were given a tin of paint that was incorrectly labelled and was the wrong colour (somewhat ironic as we had gone with that brand of paint because of colour…). All was sorted in the end and we are quite happy with the end result (although it’s still not teak!).


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