Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kayaking at Easter

Over Easter we did a land based trip to Gisborne to catch up with the family. On the way there and back we stopped off at Rotorua and Aniwhenua to do some kayaking. We played around on the slalom course at the top of the Kaituna and then took the tourist route down to the Trout pool in a tandom kayak with paddlers who knew what they were doing! Good fun and well worth the money. Now I can say I've paddled the Kaituna - no one needs to know the details!!! Aniwhenua which we paddled twice was much more tame in comparison. Although the level looked a bit low to go over the waterfall - thats our story and we're sticking to it! We stopped midway through the gorge (thats the Waioweka gorge for those of you who aren't from Gisborne) and Tori paddled through Hells Gate (the fact it was upside down is beside the point!). In Gisborne, Midway put up some great surf for some more kayaking. Unfortunately we didn't do much on the photo taking front!

Where we didn'tgo kayaking!


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