Saturday, February 09, 2008

Russel for Rod and Bridget's wedding

A couple of friends of ours that Jim had met cruising were getting married in Russell, we decided that we didn’t have enough time to sail in the leisurely way we like up and back so drove up and stayed in a room, sort of a B&B without the B, overlooking Russel and Matauwhi Bay. We were a day late leaving as when the morning of our planned departure came we were missing something! CP had obviously realised something was afoot and had made herself scarce for the day. She turned up later that evening –too late for us to leave and spent a very unhappy night locked in. Departure take two and with the cat safely in the cattery we drove up the Bay of Islands, stopping en route at Whangarei to see some other Saga 40s in the boat yard and then at Tutukaka to see some friends.

The next few days were spent mostly at the very flash lodge where the wedding took place, lounging around the pool and spa pool, catching up with friends and making some new ones. Not too mention playing death by water polo (the bruising on my nose has almost gone down!). The wedding was lovely and went extremely well- despite Rod’s nervousness (not something we had previously thought him prone to!). Thanks to Rod and Bridget for inviting us to share their day.


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