Saturday, September 08, 2007

Christmas 2006/2007: TiriTiri Matangi

Sailed to Tiritiri and anchored at Fishermans Bay as it was blowing straight into the wharf side. Took a pizza picnic and watched some little blue penguins come ashore. A couple weren’t keen to come any further with us about so we left them in peace and then stumbled across a couple more walking up the concrete path. On the walk back across the island we saw a kiwi in the undergrowth. One word of warning don’t anchor near a seagull rookery if you want to get a quiet night! The next day it was a motor sail home to Bayswater but not before Tori had inadvertently gone for a swim with lots of jellyfish (luckily not stinging ones). CP was first off the boat but quickly returned as it was too hot outside for her and it was ‘looking forward’ to work the next day!


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