Saturday, October 06, 2007

Weekend Away with Richard and Karyn

28-30 September
Spent a weekend away with a couple of friends and a disgruntled feline. Left after work on Friday and after spending tne night at Isy Bay sailed on Sat to the Noises. We went for a scallop dive while R&K went for an explore ashore. Dinner was scallops and pizza in the cockpit -very pleasant. Stayed the night at the Noises which ended up being very rolly as the (forecastted) wind picked up. Sailed to Rakino the next day to have breakfast in peace and calm. A good run back to Auckland with a N/NE wind (a change from the usual SW beat)...we did get the odd goffer in the cockpit though!!


Blogger Richard Pomeroy said...

Hey, we're on your blogspot! Looks like you are using our weekend away to prepare Tori for 60deg south. Now what was she saying about carrot? Good luck with the refit guys and good sailing.

Richard and Karyn

1:52 pm  

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