Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and all that festive stuff

Merry Christmas, etc etc
We will be in Pohnpei for Christmas but we have no definite plans for the day as yet. We arrived at Kolonia, Pohnpei on Tuesday after a very lumpy 3 day trip from Kosrae. All behind us but we were doing 4.5 knots under bare poles at one stage and lots of rain and squalls. Waited for daylight to come in the channel passing some the large fishing fleet that operates out of here (sustainability versus Asian dollars, guess which loses or are we being cynical?). There are another 2 cruising boats anchored near us, off the main town. The main centre is quite busy and Christmas here has a more western commercial feel than at Kosrae, where the main activity seemed to be daily choir practise. Having said that, we were quite amused by the big church near us in Kosrae which was decked out, inside and out, with garish tinsel and lights, including a large gaudy Christmas tree. We are hoping to do some more diving here and a bit of exploring. We are also having some spares sent here to fix some of the stuff that has broken (like the inverter which decided to die just after we had left the 240 volt world behind!). The engine start battery also decided to give up the ghost when we came to leave the wharf after clearing in with the 5 different agencies required. Fortunately the battery was relatively easy to replace here.
Hope everyone has an enjoyable time over the festive season, however and wherever you are spending it.


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