Monday, April 28, 2014

The last few months in photos

The view from the yacht in one of the four berths we've been in recently. Spent some time this weekend cleaning off the overspray from the dry dock -one of the hazards of being in a commercial port. At the moment the "World" is tied up near us on No. 7 wharf.

We looked after a kitten for a week. A friend had nearly run it over and needed someone to look after him while she was away prior to finding him a home. We very nearly kept him!
Josh poses at a friend's birthday party
 We haven't been sailing on Elenya but Tori has been for a few trips on other boats this is a shot of Tiama in the Antipodes Islands taken from the dinghy
 The Antipodes Islands looking at the penguin colony and also a large slip that damaged the hut the scientists were to stay in. Luckily there was a castaway hut that was intact but not quite as comfortable as the modern hut
Not quite so remote! Sunset in Auckland taken from the Spirit


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