Friday, July 13, 2012

Look mum..... no hands!

Our speed continues to be good with 169 and 165 miles for the last two days. The wind is up a bit more now and we are down to Trisail, No.2 staysail and about 1/4 of the Genoa. This has slowed us down to about 6.7 knots which is proving very comfortable. We were up at 7.8 to over 8 knots which, while great for progress was a bit uncomfortable and a pushing it a bit. The seas are remarkably flat with about a 4m swell well spaced out. We can now hear the Radio New Zealand National program and were greeted by the weather warning for gales and strong winds for the west coast around Mount Taranaki. Luckily we will be rounding Mount Egmont so will be fine.

With the rain, water across the deck and a closed up boat we are getting condensation down below now. A bit of a light shower below the metal hatch surrounds. "Everyone stop breathing out so much". Cooking below adds a fair bit to this although the trusty pressure cooker helps to minimise steam, and keep the food in the pot when we lurch over after the odd large wave hits us (saves stirring the pot by hand).

The temperature has stayed remarkably warm with 19 degrees C in the cabin at present. I have a feeling it will get a bit colder on the other side of the coming weather front. Still we have the cabin heater ready to go as soon as we get into calm waters of the Marlborough Sounds. We also have a nice bottle of Syrah from Owhanake Bay Estate to celebrate our arrival. We will be nice and snug in the cabin with a fire flickering in the heater and a glass of wine in hand by the time you can say 'all fast alongside'. Thanks Mike and Christy.

In the mean time we will remain still pretty snug in the as the waves pass over the deck as it appears no one is keen to keep a watch from the cockpit at present. Luckily the dog house provides a great spot to lookout from and watch the boat sailing along by herself, and perhaps we may see a ship.

Thanks Tony got your message. We will pop over once we have cleared customs etc. Will call on the VHF.


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