Sunday, August 14, 2011

There and Back Again

We are now back anchored in Havannah Harbour in the south of Vanuatu just 'around the corner' from Port Vila. We have been here a couple of days chilling out after making our way down from Asanvari where I last made an update. Our first stop was at Ambrym Island where I went for a walk up to an active volcano while Jim stayed behind to mind the boat. This time I had an amazing view down into the crater where molten magma could be seen bubbling away. Jim endeavoured to get to the local market which we had been told was from 0600-0700, he arrived to be told try again at 9, back at 9, still no market! Even in the major towns the markets are a bit hit and miss. Everything is obviously very seasonal so things will come to a sudden halt. We have also been told that different areas have different days assigned to them so what is available may depend on what is grown in that area. The time of day also makes a difference, although we haven't worked out when is best. The smaller villages have been affected by the late arrival of the 'dry season' and hence late planting and harvesting so vegetables that should be ready now aren't yet. There are also odd random surprises at the markets like the day in Luganville where there were hundreds of fruit bats for sale!

From Ambrym we had a windward sail to Epi, crossing our outward bound path and then a light wind motor to Emae via Cook's Reef where we stopped for a snorkel. On our final leg from Emae to Lelepa Island we caught a large wahoo, our first one (and very tasty it was too). Today we went for a snorkel in the pass and then moved a very short distance to anchor in the lee of Efate near the Ali river.


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