Sunday, February 13, 2011

Run Tori! Run!

Tori has been running to and from work for some years now. Over the last year she has stepped up her running to a new level!

Auckland Marathon 2010

A large event with 42km of running in the heat of NZ summer, mmmm! I turned up 1 hour early to see Tori finish and she had already fininshed!

Tori’s result against those that finished.
Elapsed time 3h 54m 19s
825th out of 2049 finishers (male and female)
149th out of 658 female finishers
31st out of 124 female finishers in class

Mountain Goat Run

This is a mountain run from Whakapapa skifield to Turoa Ski field. The event is 21 km with 1000 metres vertical climb. All ion extremely rough mountain routes. Tori then ran into the hut that a group of us had walked to during the day, and she had to carry her pack in. Tori arrived just in time to see the last of the wine being finished! And it was a good wine too!

Tori’s result.
Elapsed time 3h 24m 27 s
213th of 496 finishers (male and female)
8th of 33 female finishers in class

Kauri Run

This run is from one side of the Coromandel Peninsular to the other. The run is 32km A cloudy day to start that really warmed up when the cloud went. Check out the profile of the run in the photo!

Tori’s result

13th of 38 female finishers
5th of 18 females in class
68th of 131 overall finishers (male and female)


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