Saturday, May 02, 2009


We have had a great time in Wellington catching up with friends and family. It was good to be able to catch up with everyone and thanks to Rod and Bridget for the loan of a car which made things logistically a lot easier. We also met the local winlink radio operator who (along with other operators in Australia) has made these updates possible. In between the socialising we have managed two kayak trips (the first time the kayaks have been used since Auckland!). We had a play in the surf at Titahi Bay and an overnight trip up to Otaki. At Otaki we spent most of the day practising and playing in a small area with some friends and then Jim and I finished off by paddling a small section of the river. A very good time was had, apart from when I managed to go over one of the rapids upside down (not the recommended method), Jim managed to avoid this by either skill, luck, judgment, upper body strength, fear of cold water, a kayak with some buoyancy in the tail or some combination of the above!

We are looking at leaving tomorrow, weather depending, this will mean a pre 5:00 am departure as we need high water to get over the Mana bar, we will then be at sea for 2 to 4 days en route to Gisborne.


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